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Innovation Pays Big Dividends

Get paid to innovate. Improve your manufacturing processes or products and add $150,000 or more to the bottom line annually. The Canadian government encourages industry to invest in itself through Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credits.

"Logicap Engineering helps my company earn SR&ED rebates of over $100,000 every year."

SR&ED rebates are a welcome incentive for improving your company’s performance. Logicap Engineering specializes in helping manufacturers maximize the tax refunds available with a straightforward process:

  1. Define the internal development projects you’ve undertaken or are planning.
  2. Report on the project-related activities in the format required for approval.
  3. Prepare written claims for submission to the Canada Revenue Agency.

Call Logicap now to start the process of receiving your well-deserved rewards. See the Canada Revenue Agency’s website for more details

Canada provides these programs to encourage innovation and help companies thrive in the global market. Contact Us now to start the process and reap the rewards granted to us from this great country.

Common Misconceptions

  • All R&D qualifies for SR&ED. No. Using standard methods for solving a technical problem will NOT make you eligible.
  • My R&D project needs to be successful. No. All that is required is that a problem has been identified and an attempt has been made to solve it. Success is irrelevant.
  • My company needs to be profitable. No. Even small, struggling companies are eligible.